Should a Homeowner be Concerned About a Stipulation for Substitution of Counsel in a Foreclosure Case?

When the plaintiff in your foreclosure case files a motion for a stipulation for substitution of counsel in your foreclosure case, it simply means that a new attorney will be taking over the case and acting as lead counsel in the action. This is fairly common and it doesn’t necessarily require any specific action or […]

Once a Foreclosure is Filed, How Long Does a Lender Have to Complete it Before it Expires?

Nobody ever wants to experience a foreclosure, but sometimes the situation can’t be avoided. The foreclosure process is long, hard, and at times confusing. With so many questions and so few answers floating out there, many people have a hard time understanding the foreclosure process. One common question is once a foreclosure is filed, how […]

Is It Possible to Save a House that is in Foreclosure if You’re Separated, Soon to Divorce and the Loan is not in Your Name?

When you’re in the middle of a divorce and also faced with foreclosure, it can often seem like you are stuck in a perfect storm. All divorces come with a great amount of financial instability, and if your house is not being paid for while the details of the divorce are being worked out, it […]