If an HOA Has Filed for a Default Motion in a Foreclosure Case to Quickly Take Your Home, What Can You do to Stop Them?

Many homes in Florida are subject to the governance of a homeowner’s association (HOA), which requires the homeowner to pay dues and fees (collectively known as assessments). Even if a homeowner hasn’t fallen behind in paying the mortgage, failing to pay HOA assessments can result in the HOA attaching a lien to the property and […]

If Your Foreclosure Case is Coming Up for a Final Sale Date is Filing a Lawsuit for Force Insurance a Viable Delay Tactic?

If you owe a mortgage on a home with inadequate or no insurance coverage, your lender may purchase insurance on your behalf. This is called forced-insurance and it protects the lender from monetary loss if damage occurs to the home. When a lender takes out an insurance policy on the homeowner’s behalf, the bank receives […]

Is There a Rule of Civil Procedure or Florida State Statute That Allows an HOA to Pass on its Co-Defendant Legal Costs to a Homeowner During the Foreclosure Process?

Legal proceedings are not only expensive, but they can get rather complicated—especially when there is a third party involved. Legal proceedings get further complicated when one party expects another party to pay for their legal costs. In this case, we are talking about an HOA passing on their legal costs when they are involved in […]