Are Loan Modifications Working?

In most aspects in life, we typically ask, “is it working?” and when it comes to loan modifications, that question is asked often. Loan modifications can work if you and the lender can come to agreeable terms. A loan modification is to modify your mortgage payment to a more affordable level.

In a loan modification, the lender may change the terms of the loan so the borrower can afford the payments. There are a few ways the lender can modify the loan.

The lender may allow the borrower to refinance the loan or lower the interest rate. Also, the lender can extend the terms of the loan, allow the borrower to skip payments and add them to the total loan amount or roll past-due payments into the total loan amount.

Applying for a loan modification is easy. All you have to do is gather your financial information, including your current income and expenses and your mortgage information. Then call your lender and begin negotiating a loan modification.

These options offer borrowers a little more flexibility and leeway when it comes to a loan. This helps alleviate stress and the borrower is able to work through the loan so it suits them best.