Should You Have Legal Representation for an Upcoming Trial Involving a Mortgage Modification Scam?

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re facing a foreclosure, you’ll probably receive mail from a mortgage loan modification company that promises to help you rescue your home. As vulnerable as you might feel, take heed that most of these offers are scams. Here’s what you should know about mortgage modification scams, and […]

How to Save your Home while Legally Separated

If you’re going through a divorce, odds are that you already have a lot on your plate; but when a home is involved, things can get even more complicated. It is likely that before the divorce proceedings began, at least one partner has vacated the home- adding another residence to be supported with less income […]

Can You Restart the Clock with a Loan Modification?

Unfortunate circumstances can affect any one at any time. A spouse losing their job, medical bills, divorce- all of these things can result in you defaulting on your mortgage loan. The foreclosure process is a frightening experience for anyone involved. Every state seems to have their own set of foreclosure timelines and statutes of limitations, […]

Are Loan Modifications Working?

In most aspects in life, we typically ask, “is it working?” and when it comes to loan modifications, that question is asked often. Loan modifications can work if you and the lender can come to agreeable terms. A loan modification is to modify your mortgage payment to a more affordable level. In a loan modification, […]

5 Upside Down Mortgage Solutions

An upside down mortgage, where you owe more on the home than it is worth, can weigh heavy on the homeowners shoulders and the situation may seem impossible to escape. Don’t worry, there are five things you can do to help you out of this sticky situation. First, modify your mortgage. Work with your lender […]