Once a Foreclosure is Filed, How Long Does a Lender Have to Complete it Before it Expires?

Nobody ever wants to experience a foreclosure, but sometimes the situation can’t be avoided. The foreclosure process is long, hard, and at times confusing. With so many questions and so few answers floating out there, many people have a hard time understanding the foreclosure process. One common question is once a foreclosure is filed, how long does the lender have to complete it before it expires?

Here are the facts. There is only a time limit in regards to the time that the mortgage company must file the foreclosure. There is no time limit on how long the case can continue on for, although there is a possibility that a lack of prosecution motion can be filed.

Since the case can’t expire, the attorneys prosecuting and defending determine the speed at which the case moves. Foreclosure cases can last anywhere from eight months to three or more years.

To recap, there is no expiration date for a foreclosure case. The case can last anywhere from months to years and no matter how long the case takes the result of a foreclosure can be drastic for a family. If you are going through the foreclosure process and you are unsure of what to do, reach out to an experienced foreclosure attorney.

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