Is it Legal to Provide Notice to Only 1 of 2 Persons on the Deed and Start the Foreclosure Process?

Foreclosures are a tricky process for everyone involved, and no foreclosure is alike. Every loan, circumstance, and result can vary by numerous factors and this tends to leave the average homeowner in the dark during the hard-to-navigate process. When two names are on the deed, things can get even stickier. There is no cookie cutter, […]

If an HOA Has Filed for a Default Motion in a Foreclosure Case to Quickly Take Your Home, What Can You do to Stop Them?

Many homes in Florida are subject to the governance of a homeowner’s association (HOA), which requires the homeowner to pay dues and fees (collectively known as assessments). Even if a homeowner hasn’t fallen behind in paying the mortgage, failing to pay HOA assessments can result in the HOA attaching a lien to the property and […]