What is Non-Jury Trial in a Florida Foreclosure?

As a result of the devastation caused by the housing crisis a few years ago, more and more foreclosures were being initiated. The courts became inundated with foreclosures, so much so that years were passing without cases being resolved due to the backlog of foreclosures. In response to this overwhelming issue, Administrative Order 3.312 became […]

Deficiency Claims in Florida

Although deficiency claims were once few and far between, with home values deteriorating over the years, lenders are much more mindful. They carefully monitor the take back of money they lose through foreclosures, short sales, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. A mortgage lender can make a deficiency claim against a borrower when there is […]

Is There a Rule of Civil Procedure or Florida State Statute That Allows an HOA to Pass on its Co-Defendant Legal Costs to a Homeowner During the Foreclosure Process?

Legal proceedings are not only expensive, but they can get rather complicated—especially when there is a third party involved. Legal proceedings get further complicated when one party expects another party to pay for their legal costs. In this case, we are talking about an HOA passing on their legal costs when they are involved in […]