What are my Rights as a Renter When the Landlord is Being Foreclosed on in Florida?

When you are a renter in Florida and you find out your landlord is being foreclosed upon the main thing to remember is to keep paying your monthly rent. Even in this situation, you are still permitted to pay the landlord and if you quit making payments they can evict you for nonpayment of rent.

Since the Florida foreclosure process is very long and drawn out, it can take a year, or more, for the bank to actually seize back the property owner’s home. So even if the landlord is no longer making mortgage payments on the house are you renting, you are still responsible for paying the rent.

All cases are different, but sometimes renters are able to make the payment directly to the bank in order to avoid being forced out of the home when the foreclosure date arrives. This situation is usually only permitted when the foreclosure has be completed and the landlord no longer has the rights to the property, so make sure you know the full situation and what progress has been made on your individual case.

Be sure to talk to an attorney to ensure that your rights as a tenant are being protected. The best time to do this is when you get the notice that the house you are living in is in danger of foreclosure.

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